Started in 2015, Sparrow & Wolf is a small women's clothing brand started by Jessica Brennan.

"I've been sewing and making clothes since I was young and it's always been a massive part of my life. I started Sparrow & Wolf as I love seeing people wearing something I've designed. Inspired by designers such as Richard Nicoll and Alexander Wang I am massively interested in sports luxe and the effect of sportswear in fashion which you will see reflected in our clothes.

All pieces are made in London by seamstresses which means you are not getting a mass produced piece of fashion. You will also be supporting local industry and talented self employed people which I believe is very important.

We have also made the decision to currently only make a limited number of each design and size. In a world with so much cheap and disposable fashion I think we have all had that moment where someone in the room is wearing the same thing as us. I want every person who buys from Sparrow & Wolf to feel they have bought something unique, something all their friends won't have."